continue life : end synthetics



Industrial hemp is the global solution for clean living. One of its many ecological advantages includes a proven ability to absorb more carbon dioxide (8.8 tons) per acre than any forest or commercial crop, making it the ideal carbon sink. It’s also possible to grow two hemp crops per year, therefor doubling this absorption rate. 

Our mission is to produce sustainable products utilizing industrial hemp. Vast quantities of hemp-derived products require more hemp biomass; more hemp biomass creates a much-needed global carbon sink. This sink is the key to a green future for our planet, and those who will inherit it. 


clēēn:hemp products are the first step in this carbon-eating, positive feedback loop as they will increase the demand for industrial hemp, thus proliferating hemp biomass and reducing the planet’s oversupply of retained carbon dioxide.

They also provide the added benefit of reducing our reliance on manufactured synthetics that don’t degrade and are harmful to our bodies and the planet. clēēn:hemp products are the best way to continue life : end synthetics.


“clēēn:hemp is clean living”

Marcus Charles  |  Co-Founder


where we are, and where we’re going

We’ve created a line of synthetic-free sparkling beverages infused with hemp extract, developed under the clēēn:craft brand, as our first entry into the consumer marketplace. Our direct ownership of a reliable, established hemp extract source and supply chain secures our ability to scale our beverage production towards national distribution. clēēn:craft beverages are available at our flagship clēēn:craft tasting room, located in Seattle’s vibrant Belltown neighborhood. Wider distribution to follow.

Please visit our products page to see how we further plan on utilizing industrial hemp to continue life : end synthetics.

clēēn:craft is currently available in three flavors: ginger, lime, and cola

clēēn:craft is currently available in three flavors: ginger, lime, and cola